What does Shala Art mean?

What does Shala Art mean?

Why the name 'Shala Art'?

Shala is a Sanskrit word meaning “home”. But to me, it encompasses a lot more than the word itself. Shala is intrinsically tied with a feeling of nurturing, learning and community.

A Yoga Shala is where yoga students go to practice, connect and grow - a community of learning and experiencing together. As someone that has moved around the world, I have always found creating artwork and practicing yoga gives me a sense of being home; a sense of belonging no matter where you are. Less tied to the place, more tied to the feeling. My art is art for the home, whether home to you is mental, physical or social.

To see how I create my mandalas, visit my Instagram account where I post videos and pictures of my works in progress. I hope you enjoy my work!

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