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My love of creating mandalas began while I was travelling in 2018, as a way to share uplifting gifts with strangers I met. I became hooked by the meditative effects of hand-drawing mandalas as a way to process emotions and create a sense of connection and peace in my life. Today, I live and work from the mountains in Austria, and it brings me so much joy to share the beneficial effects of mandala art to people all over the world.

Shala is a Sanskrit word meaning “home”. But to me, it encompasses a lot more than the word itself. As someone that has moved around the world, I have always found creating artwork gives me a sense of being home; a sense of belonging no matter where you are. My art is art for the home, whether home to you is mental, physical or social.

Creating a mandala is a practice of meditation - in reality, this means quietening the mind and drawing intuitively to see what appears. A completed mandala can also be used to meditate on, whether intentionally or just by getting lost in the patterns. It is said that a mandala’s unity and balance can have a calming effect on our mind and body, which is perhaps why they are so appealing in today’s stressful world.