Marie's Story

Marie's Story

My love of mandalas grew from a creative project I started in 2018 whilst travelling around the world. I designed illustrative notes containing uplifting or supportive messages and placed them in public places for strangers to find. When I got to India, I was so inspired by the powerful symbols of mandalas everywhere, showing me there was another way to convey the messages I wanted to share, even without words.

The meditative effects of drawing and looking at mandalas is a way I process though mental struggles and find a sense of connection and peace. I love using this art form as a positive change in perspective, and a way to symbolic represent complex human experiences. 

I draw intuitively around a geometric structure, inspired by a love of spiritual symbolism, nature, and the traditional and indigenous art I was exposed to when I lived in Canada and New Zealand. It requires a high level of precision and patience, as I can spend up to 80 hours meticulously detailing each mandala design.

Like many traditional and spiritual art forms I incorporate symbols and metaphors within my drawings to connect them to a meaning and purpose. These could be anything from a sense of empowerment to a symbol of connection and care for our planet. 

Now I live and work from the mountains in Austria, where I dedicate as much time, love, and passion into my artwork as I can, and it brings me so much joy to share these artworks as high quality art prints and collectables for everyone to enjoy the beneficial effects of hand-drawn mandala art.


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